15 Feb

  • By nickvarley

‘A winter market did you say?’ Such words of glee were whispered throughout Swaffham Campus in the long, winter weeks leading up to the 19th December 2018. Whilst much of the organising and rampaging went on up in the block containing the trusty sixth formers, the school was whisked into a realm of excitement as pallet stands and huts were swung off the back of able trucks and stood in the gym. The gym? No, the gym briefly had a name change, and became a bustling, busy Winter Street Market.

So, on the merry morning of the event, a bright eyed and bushy tailed bunch of sixth formers descended upon Swaffham, earlier than usual, and transformed the place, literally. Finally, after much hoovering, carrying, cooking, pouring, mixing and baking, the clock struck 10, the doors swung open, and the guests piled in. Out came the carving knives, and delectable turkey and stuffing bruschettas were served from the ‘Parson’s Nose’. Placed behind the twinkling stalls stood the merry servers who sold their goods in true market style.
Aromatic mulled punch warmed the hearts of all, and delectable mince pies were served from the nameless mince pie stand who enjoyed entertaining their guests with their fabulous mince pie cooking skills.
Crepes, overflowing with the sweet goodness of Oreo, Nutella, strawberries and other flavoursome ingredients, were rustled up in the perfect ‘français’ arrangement. Then the cakes, oh the cakes. They did excel themselves; truly, the amount of pannetone and other festive delectable delicacies served on this stand was quite mammoth. And, if the guests were thirsty and needed a truly warming ‘hot drink’, this was firmly in place as Café Festivo merrily served out a number of lattes and beverages.
But no street market would ever be complete without music, so this was placed on the agenda too. A merry jive was strummed up immediately by budding musicians and guests stood spell-bound at the soothing sounds of the saxophone.

The guests must be acknowledged, for they really did please us for coming to this event which was so enjoyed by all, however they also donated a simply amazing sum of over £2000. This, we are truly thankful for, and we endeavour that it will be put to good use as it lays sweetly ready for the Year 13 Legacy. As well as all the guests, a note of thanks is heartily conveyed to the staff who willingly helped make this event happen. And finally. We must extend it to the sixth formers and the House Captains too, who organised and created this market that will be remembered by many.

Click here for a video from the event.