04 Feb

  • By nickvarley

Vista day

This year’s Vista (Careers) day was held at Ufford Park Hotel (in Woodbridge); it was different this year, being that it was a combined event with Stoke-by-Nayland Campus, giving us the opportunity to interact with more businesses in our surrounding area. Two weeks prior to the event we were given the task of creating a business proposal and presentation. Arranged into groups of 3, we were judged on our understanding in six different areas of business: marketing, sales, finance, operations, research and development, and leadership. We were also judged on the innovation of our business idea and our performance skills. The proposals were varied, ranging from a smart waterproof interactive screen for use in the shower, to an eco-friendly cabin embracing the trend of JOMO (the joy of missing out).

After our presentations, we had the opportunity to network with business owners, whilst enjoying the beautiful view of the Ufford Park Golf course from the balcony. We then completed a team building activity, where we were given marshmallows and spaghetti, with the challenge of making the tallest standing tower possible. Sadly, most of them fell over before they were measured! Following this we listened to a panel of five business owners who answered our questions as well as giving valuable advice for school leavers.

It was an excellent day – thanks to the business owners for sparing their time and the organisers who made the day possible.

By two Year 13 Prefects.