05 Feb

  • By nickvarley

Redpack Work experience

A day of work experience was arranged by the Business Prefects (Gavin and Luella), for the entire Year 13 group. We headed off to Redpack, who had bravely agreed for our tribe to visit their business in view of enhancing our business knowledge in the differing functions of the business. After a quick introduction of the business as a whole, we were split into 2 groups; the first activity involved a tour of the factory, followed by a Lego challenge representing Lean Management. It was interesting to use a playful activity to represent a real challenge in production, for Redpack.

The second activity was a virtual reality experience led by Anthony Farncombe, who enjoyed the reactions he gained from the varying personalities, as we were taken to a New York scene where we had to walk the plank from the top of a sky scraper. Many of the Redpack staff were amused by the screams and reactions, including one individual who actually fell over! However this gave us an insight of how Redpack are looking at the various ways to use virtual reality to advance in their business. This was shown through a VR experience that took you through one of their machines, allowing us to understand how they work. Following this we had the task to present ideas to several members of the business, highlighting ways that Redpack could use this in the future, for example enhancing the training experience for new members of staff.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the day; it was excellent to experience a day in the business environment. Many thanks to Redpack for providing this enriching opportunity and to our teachers who came along with us.

By two year 13 Prefects