26 Mar

  • By nickvarley

The morning of the 14th of March 2019 dawned. The Sixth Form were feeling buzzed and raring to go.

In the long weeks heading up to the 14th, the Sixth Form seemed practically non-existent to the remainder of the school at break times and lunch times. But up in the Sixth Form block, the sensational and spine-shivering sounds of Bohemian Rhapsody would be heard. In the evenings, the choir gathered together and thoroughly rampaged certain houses in order to perfect their tunes – the Choir would like to thank again the hosts who put up with them. Whether the choristers were ready or not, the time had come. It was now time to perform.

After much hectic scrambling around the peaceful countryside of Norfolk, around 40 Sixth Formers arrived at St. Andrew’s Hall, the place of performance, armed with water bottles by the gallon, liquorice, mints, music sheets and of course, an umbrella in case it rained. Today they would be singing as part of the Norfolk County Music Festival, as upholding the tradition of the past 5 years. Whilst it is not a competition, the Sixth Form Choir would perform alongside many other schools around Norfolk, from Infant School Choirs, to the Jane Austen College Choir. An adjudicator would listen to and scrutinize their singing, and each choir would receive a grade with constructive criticism.

The Sixth Form Choir sat eagerly in the audience, waiting, until the Stewards announced it was time for them to take the stage and sing lustily and loud. After a brief introduction from the conductor, Rio Devine, they took off with a rendition of ‘The Longest Time’. Acapella, please note. Without further ado, the choir exerted their vocal chords to the utmost once more and the shivery lyrics of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ resounded around the ancient church; at this point, the Sixth Form were in their element as the audience promptly sat up, spell-bound, and Mrs Barsham beamed proudly. As the songs had to be contrasting, they finished off with the soothing sounds of the hymn, ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’. As the last verse was sang acapella, the hymn truly echoed around the Hall, and as a Steward said, would have made the members of the Hall proud to hear it.

Finally, the much-awaited moment arrived; the adjudicator called upon our choir…

The fact that the choir was purely Student Led had simply amazed her. She commended Rio highly, directing him to orchestral conducting. Please note, Rio had never conducted a choir and he was landed with the task somewhat forcibly. The effort, sheer hard work and determination did pay off. The Swaffham Campus Sixth Form Choir had received a ‘Highly Commended Plus’. An amazing and spectacular achievement. We extend many thanks to ALL the parents and spectators who attended this event; the support was gratefully received. And finally, a big thank you to all of the Choir who made this event possible – it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.