06 Feb

  • By nickvarley

On Wednesday 6th of February, every student arriving at Swaffham campus stepped off the school bus to be embraced by the pleasant plethora of breakfast aromas; the dominant scent being bacon. Walking in with happy smiles and a spring in our step, we gave in our £2.50 donation to the waiting year 13s, before going on to collect our delicious bacon roll. The whole mood of the school was elevated to an enthusiastic blend of excitement and harmony, united by our passion for bacon rolls. Once every student had collected their roll, the year 13s counted up the profits to find out they had collected in excess of £300 for teenagers with cancer!! Raised by students and staff alone, it was concluded that the event had proved very worthwhile. Overall we got through 200 fresh rolls which were bought from the Swaffham WellBread bakers who gave us a generous discount, and a total of 350 crispy bacon rashers were eaten. The year 13s would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and generosity in giving, and hopefully similar things can be done in the future!