The curriculum here at Swaffham is enhanced with extra-curricular events which help broaden the students understanding of particular subjects.

The student’s appreciation of these trips is obvious, however they don’t come without hard work and effort, which acts as a stimulus for them to progress further in their studies.

From the bustling tube stations of London, to measuring the gradient of the Norfolk coast, the experiences at Swaffham campus are vast.

Extra-curricular Events:

  • Sponsored walks
  • Sponsored bike rides
  • The River Nar
  • Black Country Museum
  • Cycling Proficiency
  • Swimming Lessons for Primary Students
  • Imperial war museum

6th Form:

  • Bank of England
  • Bronte Parsonage Museum
  • 4-day Geography Trip around Norfolk
  • Supreme Court and Royal Courts of Justice
  • Other Focus schools to meet Zoom groups
  • Norfolk County Music Festival
  • Jacob Sam-La Rose
  • Maths competitions
  • Redpack Work Experience Day