At Swaffham Campus we strongly believe that each student is an individual, with individual needs, abilities and learning styles which all need to be properly catered for. The students are held at every point in decisions made by school management.

There is a high level of cohesion between year groups as well as inter-class support, this produces a highly productive and friendly environment, essential for learning.

It was noted that ‘The pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent’ at a recent inspection.

Students’ behaviour is carefully monitored and rewarded accordingly with a disciplinary and reward system which also works to motivate them.

The school council is placed in high regard by all of the students and is fundamental in many of the changes within the school.

Students are regularly involved in the interview process, and are consulted on their views, and are listened to when selecting new members.

Pupil voice is of paramount importance at Swaffham, here is the 2018-2019 school council:


2018-2019 Prefect Team


Premises Team:

We are excited to reveal that we now have a willing team of premises monitors here at Swaffham campus. With the aim of ‘keeping the school tidy and presentable to any visitor that arrives’, we have designated people responsible for various areas across the school. Every Thursday morning a clear up session takes place where all monitors clear up the area they are responsible for. This is a great way to ensure we meet our aim; thanks to everyone who is a part of this!