Any Focus School day is a living experience that students, teachers, parents and friends all enter into, share and enjoy, forming a vibrant learning partnership.

The school day at Focus School Swaffham Campus begins long before the students start arriving at 8:30am. Detailed planning and careful organisation is needed not only to ensure every student arrives on time, but that they are ready to learn and most importantly that the school as a whole is ready to receive them. We regard every detail, from the appearance of uniform to the transport used as essential elements in a successful and rewarding day.

The Focus curriculum and timetable provide a common platform on which we base our school day, allowing us to collaborate with other Focus schools and share resources. We operate six periods of fifty minute lessons in the Secondary School, and five lesson periods in Primary, to accommodate a broad and appropriately allocated timetable across a wide range of subjects.

The school day finishes at 3pm, which allows the students valuable time in which to continue self-study at home.

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