At Swaffham Campus we have a varied curriculum which is well balanced and enjoyable. It has been crafted to bring out the potential in every student and develop independent lifelong learners. Students are encouraged to take control of their learning from an early age, this in turn prepares them for their exams, further education and later life.

We go well beyond what is required of us as an independent school and deliver all of our courses within the guidelines of the national curriculum. Particular emphasis is placed on the core subjects of Maths, English and Science at Key Stage 3. This results in higher attainment and lays a strong foundation for high achievement across all subjects at Key Stages 4 and 5.

The curriculum at Swaffham Campus is challenging and full of variety for students of every ability. Virtually every student studies at least one language to GCSE level, and would also study at least one practical subject to GCSE or higher level. This includes Art and Craft, Design Technology, Food and Nutrition and Graphic Communications.

Students typically study 10 subjects at GCSE level. Students at Swaffham consistently perform above their exam targets.

Our Post 16 provision is a real asset – ‘the school provides an excellent range of courses for a sixth form of its size, and pupils expressed great satisfaction with the range of choice and its relevance to their own perceived needs.’ There is a wide choice of subjects available with a strong emphasis placed on core subjects and vocational pathways.

There is a clearly defined focus to prepare our students for the working world and allow them to ‘learn to learn’, through self-motivated study.

Our curriculum extends well beyond passing exams, it reaches out to the wider needs of a responsible citizen such as the spiritual, social and physical requirements of our students. This is made possible through an excellent PSHE and PE programme, cross curricular events, engagement with the local community and many fundraising activities.

From Year 9 we have introduced GCSE PE. This offers all pupils the opportunity to gain an accredited sporting qualification. The course combines practical based activities with a theoretical aspect of sport which combines a personal exercise programme, analysis of performance and knowledge of leading a healthy active lifestyle.

During this year, senior pupils have actively developed leadership skills during Sport Education and curriculum activities. These fundamental leadership qualities will be transferable in the work environment in understanding the importance of teamwork.

Swaffham Campus also endorses ASDAN. ASDAN stands for Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network. Swaffham Campus has available the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE) and AOPE. The awards can be taken at post 16, Levels 1, 2, 3. The Levels are approved standards and have the same status as other subjects. Level 3 has UCAS awards points. ASDAN does not have an exam, but is assessed throughout the duration of the course before being verified by an external moderator.